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Drone Solutions LLC can quickly provide you with HD aerial imagery and video of your fields, allowing you to see any issues from above in greater detail and at a fraction of the cost that it would be for a manned aircraft to perform the same task. This is also very useful for documenting crop and field damage from any storms or inclement weather for insurance claims.

Time is your most valuable resource. During the growing season, you need to be able to detect and solve problems. Drone Solutions LLC makes it quick and easy to capture aerial imagery, view and annotate maps, and then share those maps and insights with others to help them take action.

Drone Solutions LLC provides those in the agriculture industry with vital information for quick response, operational efficiency and ultimately better yields. Drone Solutions LLC converts multispectral and RGB images into accurate index maps, like NDVI, and orthomosaics of your fields, so you can pinpoint and resolve problematic areas of field faster than ever.

How It Works

1. Request a Drone Mission
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2. Our Certified and Insured
Pilots Do The Flying

3. We Deliver Your Aerial
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can request an estimate for our pricing on the “Request a Drone Mission” page, you will receive a quote, call or email within 24 hours to further discuss your request. Call us any time.

Drone Solutions LLC maintains a fleet of drones each for a specific function. For windmill inspection we use the DJI Matrice 300 with proprietary LiDAR mounted gathering hardware and compatible software. 

This depends on a lot of different aspects of drone flight to include; distance between structures, weather, stopping time, terrain, and gathering requirements. Our goal is 25 minuets flight time per tower.

You will receive full access to the data through the data provider you choose. If you use Thread’s UNITI, access is immediate and within days for a full report. 

If there is bad/inclement weather on the date of the drone mission, we will contact you to reschedule the drone mission. Rescheduling due to bad/inclement weather is free.

Yes. Every Drone Solutions LLC., pilot has received their FAA certification to fly drones throughout the U.S. Drone Solutions LLC., has a $2 million dollar UAV/drone liability insurance policy. Each Drone Solutions LLC., pilot also has their own UAV/drone liability insurance policy of at least $2 million dollars whenever they operate and this can be adjusted per your companies requirements. All Drone Solutions LLC., pilots have passed a background check which includes a criminal-record background check, so you can rest assured Drone Solutions LLC pilots are experienced, insured & safe.

Drone Solutions LLC., accepts all major payment methods, check or ACH Bank transfer is free. There will be a 2% fee for Credit and Debit cards.  At our discretion, we will accept offline payment from businesses via mailed business check on net 30 payment terms.

Drone Solutions LLC., maintains the security to the level you request and will perform routine audits and checks on our infrastructure and security.  All files hosted by Drone Solutions LLC., can be fully encrypted while in transit and while at rest when requested.

Have custom requirements for your project?

Request a customized drone mission in less than 3 minutes.

Simply provide the address of where the drone mission should occur along with scheduling and budget details. We will then reach out to you to discuss your mission and provide costs.