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Drone Solutions LLC can produce aerial timelapse video for you of your construction project(s) so that you can see the progress of the construction over the duration of the project. Great for marketing and keeping documented record of the project.


Drone Solutions LLC provides you with access to view and download the images and video that we capture from each site visit, allowing you to monitor and securely share the progress of your project through all phases of construction.

Drone Solutions LLC generates interactive 3D models of construction sites such as the one below to help you monitor progress of the construction throughout all phases and easily communicate progress to stakeholders by sharing the 3D model with them.

How It Works

1. Request a Drone Mission
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2. Our Certified and Insured
Pilots Do The Flying

3. We Deliver Your Aerial
Content Digitally

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Simply provide the address of where the drone mission should occur along with scheduling and budget details. We will then reach out to you to discuss your mission and provide costs.